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Perforate! w/Bruce Licher:  Create a perforated stamp using letterpress type and ornaments with artist and musician Bruce Licher, of Independent Project Press. Explore self-expression through the miniature art of stamp design. Using hand-set type and other letterpress borders and ornaments, your design will be set into sheet form alongside stamps designed by other workshop participants. We will then print these sheets on gummed paper and perforate them using a vintage Rosback round-hole perforator. Each workshop participant will take home several copies of the completed limited edition stamp sheet. Limited enrollment. (multi-day workshop)

Making Language Physical w/Roni Gross: What better way to make language physical than with moveable type? Each student in this class will come away with broadsides they’ve made with wood and metal type. We’ll learn low-tech methods to add texture and background to your work and will play with overlapping color using wood type. (multi-day workshop)

Letterpress Abstraction – Cropping with Wood Type w/Peter Bushell: This course will allow participants to explore abstraction by cropping content during printing. Cropping is achieved from a combination of specially sized packing on the cylinder of the flatbed press and a related masking sheet that covers the printed sheet. (one-day workshop)

Heidelberg Windmill Operation for Beginners w/Graham Judd: This class will help build confidence on the mighty Windmill–a congenial machine once you get to know its moving parts! We’ll cover the feeding settings for various types of paper, proper inking and impression sittings, and more. Ample time will be available for questions and answers. (multi-day workshop)

Heidelberg Windmill: Advanced Techniques w/Graham Judd: Learn advanced techniques from a master printer with decades of on-the-press experience! This class will address more challenging Windmill undertakings: the special considerations involved in printing of heavy solids, for example. A hands-on class with plenty questions and answers and troubleshooting. (multi-day workshop)

Wood Type Wonderland w/Peter Fraterdeus: This Vandercook-based workshop with Woodtype and all manner of remarkable wonders. Explorations will include dampened paper, shadow printing, distressed inks, and textures. We’ll open the door to the letterform as both surface and and embrace the wabi-sabi of pure imperfection. (one-day workshop)

A Moveable Type Feast w/Lynda Sherman and Marit Bockelie: This is a two-day class with Lynda Sherman (Bremelo Press) and Marit Bockelie (The Bremerton Letterpress Co.), two women printers from the heart of the Pacific Northwest. They will focus on the tension between planning out a project and letting come what will. In celebration of the harvest season and our nation’s agricultural heritage, students of this workshop are invited to bring favorite recipes to cut and splice into poems as a starting point. We will discuss what we eat, who grows it, how it gets to us, how it’s prepared and who we eat it with. We’ll play with the idea of recipe cards, broadsides and greeting/art cards. Students will take home a collection of printed pieces from the entire class. (multi-day workshop)

Printing Press Pochoir w/Arie Koelewyn: Stenciling on a printing press opens up a number of possibilities for the letterpress printer: the look of screen printing or stenciled grafitti with the mechanical advantages of a printing press. We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of stencil materials, how to cut them, pitfalls in the process, cut a few stencils, mount them on the press and print using a variety of printing textures. This process can work for either platen or cylinder press, but will be demonstrated on a platen. (one-day workshop)

No Press? No Problem – Build a Simple Press with Household Stuff for Shop or Classroom w/Arie Koelewyn: J. Ben Lieberman describes a rather crude press he called “The Liberty” in his book, Printing as a Hobby. This was essentially a chase with a rolling pin, but we’ll improve on that model to make something both simple and useful. In this class you’ll assemble your own small press with a 9×13” bed and use it to do a test print(s). All press parts will be provided! (one-day workshop)

The Magnificent Miehle – Why Motorized Cylinder Presses Rock! w/Peter Fraterdeus: These rock-solid beasts are widely under-appreciated because they require a pretty thorough introduction before they are productive. Of course it’s not much good for a dozen or two prints, but if you intend to print a thousand 12×18 posters with both solids and fine line, there is a Miehle out there that may be en route to the junkyard and just needs your TLC! (one-day workshop)

Letterpress Trail Map Journal-Making w/Melissa Meyer: Every student in this hands-on class will make a travel sketch journal with blank sketch paper pages and a custom cover with a pocket in the back–the perfect thing to take on your Letterpress Trail journey. Workshop attendees will be able to print whatever they like on the cover using type or cuts available in the shop. Students will be encouraged to experiment with layering techniques on press. The first part of the class will be the creating and printing the covers. The second part of the class will be prepping of the inside pages and sewing the book together using the 3-hole pamphlet sewing method. (multi-day workshop)

One-sheet Book w/Karen Zimmermann: Print on a cylinder press and explore a one-sheet book formats. Will work with found cuts and wood type for imagery and texture. With the printed sheets we will produce a one-sheet book. (one-day workshop)

Drawing Plates: Polyester Plate Lithography on the Vandercook w/ Julie Russell-Steuart: Do you ever wish you could just draw and then print? Learn to create and print a polyester plate using non-toxic lithography techniques on a Vandercook press. This method uses direct drawing techniques on the plate with litho crayon, permanent pen or ink washes. Since the drawing medium requirement is simple (be waterproof and ink must stick to it) you can even use ball-point pen and regular crayon! We will also show how you can create prints from laser copy imagery. (one-day workshop)

Special Topics in Platen Presses w/ Dick Niehaus: The following topics will be discussed: press alignment and dressing, lockup, make-ready, guide setup, and shop safety. Tools needed to produce excellent results will be discussed and demonstrated. The following finishing processes will be discussed and demonstrated: thermography, foil stamping, emboss/deboss, perforating, and die cutting. A project will be produced by all workshop attendees utilizing each of the processes discussed. Platen presses will be used though the information relates to cylinder presses as well. (one-day workshop)

Special Vandercook Maintenance Workshop: This workshop, led by Paul Moxon, is a lecture/demo developed for artists and printers to guide them in the proper care and adjustment of Vandercook presses. Participants will learn all the points of maintenance, cleaning and lubrication so as to be prepared for potential problems and make or direct repairs. We will also discuss all models of interest and other brands as warranted. Whether you use studio presses, own a press, or are thinking of buying one, this workshop will provide excellent direction for your future presswork. Bring your questions, photos and/or broken parts. Paul will also share examples from his collection of Vandercook literature. (one-day workshop)

Special Pop-Up Wood Type FACES Workshop w/Esther Smith and Dikko Faust: Just in time for Halloween! Be you Gothic, Antique or Tuscan–Extended or Extra condensed. We will handset wood type to print and die cut masks. We will talk about type history, as we edition our Type Faces. Learn simple pop-ups that you can use to give your printing 3-D pizazz.

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WEDNESDAY – September 27th (pre-conference)

9:00am Pre-Conference Workshop with Paul Moxon at The Firecracker Press (Old North)! – This workshop is a lecture/demo developed for artist/printers to guide them in the proper care and adjustment of Vandercook presses. This information is applicable to other brands such as Asbern, Challenge, Korrex and Reprex. Participants need not be mechanically inclined, but should have some familiarity with proof presses, and may handle tools and press parts.

5:30pm-8:45pm St. Louis Public Library (downtown location) – Pressing On: The Letterpress Film + The Barbarian Press Documentary Double Feature – See the short documentary about the Barbarian Press (British Columbia, Canada) celebrating 40 years of printing and book making, followed by a full screening of Pressing On, the film that’s making it’s way around the letterpress globe. Details about time and location coming soon!

THURSDAY – September 28th

9am-12pm – Workshops
at The Firecracker Press (Old North)
– Letterpress Abstraction w/Bushell
– One Sheet Book w/Zimmerman
– Beginning Windmill w/Judd (pt. 1)
at Central Print (Old North)
– Movable Type Feast w/Sherman (pt. 1)
– Build a Press w/ Koelewyn
 1pm-4pm  – Workshops
at The Firecracker Press (Old North)
– Making Language Physical w/Gross (pt. 1)
– Letterpress Trail Map Journal w/Meyer (pt. 1)
– Advanced Windmill w/Judd (pt. 1)
– Magnificent Miehle w/ Fraterdeus
at Central Print (Old North)
– Perforate! w/Licher (pt. 1)
6pm-9pm – Panel TBD + Hospitality

FRIDAY – September 29th

9am-12pm – Workshops
at The Firecracker Press (Old North)
– Making Language Physical w/Gross (pt. 2)
– Letterpress Trail Map Journal w/Meyer (pt. 2)
– Beginning Windmill w/Judd (pt. 2)
at Central Print (Old North)
– Movable Type Feast w/Sherman (pt. 2)
1pm-4pm  – Workshops
at The Firecracker Press (Old North)
– Woodblock Printing w/Kroh (tentative)
– Wood Type Wonderland w/Fraterdeus
– Advanced Windmill w/Judd (pt. 2)
at Central Print (Old North)
– Drawing Plates w/Russell-Steuart
– Plate Press Pochoir w/Koelewyn
7pm-8pm – Keynote Lecture with Bruce Licher, of Independent Project Press. See his work and hear stories about how it’s still being made.

SATURDAY – September 30th

9am-12pm – Workshops
at The Firecracker Press (Old North)
– Perforate! w/Licher (pt. 2)
– Pop-up Wood Type Faces w/Faust + Smith
at Central Print (Old North)
– Special Topics in Platen Presses w/Niehaus
2pm-4pm  – Guided tour of Bellfontaine Cemetery – Bus to leave from The Firecracker Press/Central Print – 2612 N. 14th Street (max capacity 30).
   “Noteworthy and Notorious Women” – This private tour highlights some of the ‘Noteworthy and Notorious Women’ laid to rest at Bellefontaine Cemetery and Arboretum, such as, Virginia Minor. She is noteworthy for her effects to secure the right to vote for her gender, and was considered so notorious in her day that no clergy could be secured for her funeral. Also, Getty Cori, who had few job options in her day, so she took a position as an assistant to her husband at Washington University. She would go on to become the first American woman in history to win the Nobel Prize in science.
   Learn about many other women who left their mark on history and then made their final rest at Bellefontaine Cemetery.
   We will also explore some names associated with St. Louis’s rich printing history, and you’ll have a chance to check out fantastic typographic and iconographic example throughout the cemetery .
   Tour will be by bus with a couple opportunities to disembark from the bus.
   More about this cultural treasure here.
6pm-9pm – Banquet – A catered, al fresco dinner, under the giant tent, behind The Firecracker Press/Central Print. Dig in!

SUNDAY – October 1st

9:30am-10:30am – Print Activism Panel Discussion – Eric Woods, Owner of The Firecracker Press, will lead a discussion on the subject of printing for social change. We’ll talk about the traditions of printing and protest movements, the power of the press, and how letterpress studios can play a roll (large or small) in today’s resistance.
   Sage Dawson, artist, curator, and educator will talk about her recent project “We Stand” and what pushed her to make protest signs. Others will be welcome to share their own stories.
   Donuts and coffee will be provided! (Old North)
11am-4pm – Print Market – Sign up for a table! Sell your printed goods, tools, and/or services under our giant tent. Meet printers, stationers, and poster makers from all over the country. Collect and trade, or make a little dough for the journey home!

   Just $25.00 – Comes with an 8′ table and two chairs – can split with one other artist (larger groups/collectives should reserve at least two tables). Register and reserve your space HERE.